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Ping your bell, find your bike.

Tradition meets innovation with a bike bell smarter than the rest

How does it work?

Pingbell 6
Park your bike

Just park and walk away. 

Your bike’s location is recorded without you needing to do anything.

Pingbell 3
See where you left it

With a quick glance at the map, you can remember where you left your bike.

Pingbell also uses Bluetooth Smart to tell you if you’re getting closer or not.  

Pingbell main interaction PGL
Ping your bell

Your ears are awesome at locating things!

If you still can’t find your bike, ping it to hear where it is. 

Design & Technology

Design & Technology

Ping Bell 12
Simple design

Smart doesn’t need to mean intrusive.

We’ve simplified the design and user-experience so that it fits right into your life without demanding your attention.

Rings true to itself

When you ping your bike from a distance, Pingbell actually rings itself.

This gives a full, rich sound that is a lot more authentic than an electronic beep.

Pingbell 2
Pings loud and clear

And of course Pingbell also functions as a conventional special bell.

It’s made of brass and the sound is loud and crisp so that everyone can hear you.

Elegant app

The free Pingbell app will be available for both iOS & Android.

It lets you keep track of multiple Pingbells and even share their location.

Please note 

This is a prototype so the way it looks and the functionality we present here are not a guarranty to be produced exactly in this way.

That said, it will be close! 

Our story

The story Test3-14

At FROLIC studio we love solving problems. Our studio is in Amsterdam, and for all the amazing things that living in a bicycle-friendly city brings to the table, finding your bike after you’ve parked it is a daily nightmare. We wanted to tackle this problem, so over the course of 24 hours we pushed ourselves to solve it by building a working prototype.

This is how we originally came up with Pingbell. Check out the original prototype:  

Turning it into reality

Since then, we have partnered up with OrangeRed to take care of the sourcing and manufacturing.  

They are the perfect partners to help bring Pingbell to life and get it to you!  

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Keep in touch

If you have any questions, send us an email at pingbell@frolicstudio.com

For press inquires, send us an email at press@frolicstudio.com

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